Your Responsibilities 

Library cards are free, but you are responsible for all library materials borrowed on your card. Please promptly notify the library of any change of address or lost/stolen cards. Materials borrowed on an unreported lost/stolen card are the responsibility of the cardholder. The library assumes no responsibility for damage caused to a borrower's audiovisual or computer equipment.

Where Your Card is Honored 

A card issued at the DeWitt Community Library may be used at any library in the Onondaga County system. This includes the Central Library, city branches and satellites, as well as nineteen member libraries. Ask at the Front Desk for a full list of libraries complete with phone numbers and addresses.

Loan Period

3 weeks for most library items, including books, audios, CDs, and magazines.

7 days for videos, DVDs, Holiday Books, and Circulating Reference Materials.

A 6 week vacation loan is available on some items; ask at the Front Desk for details.

Cards of borrowers who owe more than $15.00 (currently $10.00) in fines or fees or who have long-overdue materials are not valid until charges are paid or materials returned.

The OCPL System has engaged Unique Management Services (UMS) to collect fines and fees resulting from overdue library materials that total $50.00 or more. A service charge of $10 is applied to each account submitted for collection.


If there is no other request for an item, you may renew it. Renewals can be made by phone or over the internet, just call us at (315) 446-3578 or log on to Library items may be renewed twice. For online renewals, ask the staff for a pin number and information sheet. Exceptions to this policy are Quick Pic items, which have no grace period, no renewals, and must be returned to the DeWitt Library.

Returning Materials

All DeWitt Community Library items, with the exception of Quick Pics, may be returned to any library in the Onondaga County Public Library System. Book Returns may be used for the return of all materials. Our book return is located outside the ShoppingTown Mall Food Court entrance to the left of the two sets of gray doors. Just place items gently through the slot.


20 cents - Our library's overdue fine charged each day for each item overdue.

$5.00 - Maximum overdue fine for hardcover books, videos, DVDs, CDs, and audios

$3.00 - Maximum overdue fine for paperback books and magazines

The DeWitt Community Library allows a three day grace period for all items, with the exception of Quick Pics, borrowed from our library. Any item returned within the first three days after its due date, will not be charged a fine. Once the grace period has passed, the fine will be charged from the day the item was due. Borrowers will be charged the replacement cost for any item damaged, lost or stolen.

The DeWitt Community Library sends overdue notices, but no bills for fines or charges.

Information on the status of any card is available upon request to the cardholder only; New York State confidentiality law requires that such requests be made in person only and only upon presentation of appropriate ID. Patrons requesting to view or check out items on another patron's card must present the physical card, or have that patron present to approve the transaction. Parents and legal guardians of children under 8 years of age may request information about their children’s cards. After a child’s 8th birthday, the parent or guardian may request information about a child’s library card records only if the child is present and consents to the release or if the child is not present but provides written consent dated for each request.


Policies at other libraries in the Onondaga County Public Library system may vary.