DeWitt Community Library Public Comment Policy


This policy sets forth the procedure by which members of the public may address the Board of Trustees on matters pertaining to the DeWitt Community Library.



1.      People wishing to speak at a regularly scheduled Board Meeting must sign in on the Sign-In Sheet prior to the “Period of Public Expression,” stating their contact information and a brief summary of their comments.   The participants will be asked to speak in the order in which they signed-in.  Once the Public Comment portion of the meeting begins, the public shall respect those who have signed up to speak to the Board.  There will be no exceptions.


2.     Speakers shall restrict their comments to issues that are within the subject jurisdiction of the Library Board and limit their comments to three (3) minutes.  Due to time constraints, the Trustee who is presiding at the meeting may limit the overall time for public comment on a specific topic.


3.     Speakers are expected to provide comment in a concise, orderly, and courteous manner that is respectful of all others and should not deviate from the subject indicated in advance on the sign-up sheet.


4.     Comments should be directed to the Board and not to other participants or to the audience.


5.     Clarifying questions may be addressed to the speaker only by Board members and only at the conclusion of his or her remarks. The time taken by these questions and their answers will not affect the initial time allotted to the speaker.


6.     The total time for Public Comment will not exceed twenty (20) minutes.  Should there more than six (6) persons who wish to speak, the twenty (20) minutes will be divided equally among the participants.


Board’s Response to Public Comments

The Library Board will listen to public comments and may ask questions for clarification, but members of the Library Board will not engage in discussion or debate.  If there is a need for a response from the Board, it may come at a later date when the Board has had time to deliberate the issue, to seek more information, or to review recommendations from the Executive Director.


Comments Regard Specific Library Employees

Public comment with respect to specific Library employees will not be permitted. The Board requests that any concerns about specific past or present employees be submitted in writing to the Board President and Executive Director.

Violation of these procedures or other inappropriate, discourteous, or disruptive behavior will lead to the Presiding Trustee asking the individuals involved to leave the meeting.

The Executive Director of the Library may be reach by email at: or by mail at DeWitt Community Library, ShoppingTown Mall, 3649 Erie Blvd. East, DeWitt NY 13214.

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